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PAMA proposed to have heavy impact on 2018 clinical lab tests

The cuts many have long predicted for clinical lab tests paid under the Medicare Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule are likely to hit bottom lines hard next year if preliminary 2018 rates released Sept. 22 don’t see significant changes prior to being finalized. However, CMS is already receiving significant pushback on its proposal from stakeholders who believe the private-payer data these changes are based off is skewed.

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Time is running out for MIPS Improvement Activities!

If you’re an individual or group planning to participate in the new Improvement Activities (IA) category of MIPS, you should be aware that you must begin engaging in your chosen activities by no later than Oct. 2 in order to complete the requirement that your activities be completed over a 90-day period in 2017.

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Avoiding scrutiny under the new CMS audit process

With CMS recently announcing the agency is directing its Medicare Administrative Contractors to focus their audits and claim reviews on providers with consistently high error rates, it’s important to understand specifically what shortcomings could put your claims process under the microscope

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