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PAMA Final Rule: What to know and who it affects

CMS has finally released it’s finale rule for lab fee schedule changes. Have questions about whether your lab will be required to report private payer data under the PAMA? Don’t worry, Vachette Pathology has answers.

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A quick look at the 2017 proposed Medicare Fee Schedule

It’s that time of year again: CMS has finally released its proposed 2017 Physician Fee Schedule. Don’t want to spend days reading all 800 pages? Then check out our summary to see how pathology practices and health care as a whole stand to be affected.

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Revenue changes for health care in 2016 … So far

Mick Raich, president of Vachette Pathology and Stark Medical Auditing and Consulting, has traveled throughout the country this year to various health care tradeshows and conferences to share his insight on how the health care industry’s ongoing transition to value-based medicine will impact your revenue stream, and more importantly, what you can do to prepare.

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