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Have you seen a decrease in your Anthem payments? This may be why

If you are a provider in the following states, be aware: OH, KY, IN, MO, WI, CT, NH, ME, VA. A new claims processing system could be impacting your payments.

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Billing Transition Issues Concerning Old Receivables

Every year we assist 15 to 20 clients as they transition from one billing firm to another. One of the big issues we see is the handling of old receivables from the previous billing company. Often the original biller works these claims for three months, then rolls them off to collections. But what next?

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Out-of-Network Labs, Pathologists May Have Some Recourse Against Insurers

Out-of-network (OON) laboratories and pathologists who have been underpaid by insurers now may have some recourse. Two recent court rulings appear to clear the way for OON providers to sue insurers in federal court.

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