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The Shifting Self-Pay Revenue Cycle and its Relationship to U-6 and U-3 Unemployment Rates

Why has self-pay not rebounded with the recent financial upturn? As we explore this question, we’ll examine the unemployment rate and reveal what you may not know — differences in U-6 and U-3 unemployment reporting, and what that represents to your pathology practice.

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The SGR ‘Fix’ and How It Affects Your Practice Revenue

Recently H.R. 2 was passed in the House, the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015. This would permanently repeal the SGR formula and replace it with a formula that will eventually move all physicians into the value-based payment program. How will this affect your payments in the near-term?

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White Paper: Business Strategy for Pathology Practices and Independent Laboratories

Vachette President Mick Raich recently spoke at the G2 PathForward Symposium, touching on issues such as mergers and acquisitions, the ACO movement, revenue, and managed care changes. The main points of this presentation are now available in a new white paper.

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