"Vachette Pathology's sole purpose is to help protect your revenue."

For the price of a few specimens per month — you can work with a team of experts who specialize in pathology and laboratory management. Experts who understand the business side of the industry. A team with your best interests in mind.

Thanks for investing in me (Employee letter)

At Vachette Pathology, we believe it’s important to not only invest in our clients, but to invest in our personnel as well. Don’t believe us? Check out this letter written by Cody Raich, an executive data analyst for the Vachette and Stark team, after completing the Effective Personal Productivity course we enroll all of our news hires in.

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Is your outdated fee schedule leaving money on the table?

A billing audit we recently conducted for a hospital-based physician group reaffirmed the importance of regularly comparing your fee schedule against Medicare’s to ensure you’re consistently maximizing your revenue.

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AACC honors Vachette President Mick Raich with 2015 Outstanding Speaker Award

Vachette Pathology is pleased to announce our president Mick Raich has been awarded the American Association for Clinical Chemistry’s 2015 Outstanding Speaker Award. The award recognizes speakers who earned an evaluation rating of 4.5 or higher during a 2015 continuing education activity accredited by AACC.

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