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Vachette Pathology is sweet on Blissfield

Posted by on Oct 16, 2008 in Latest News | Comments Off on Vachette Pathology is sweet on Blissfield

Vachette Business Services is Sweet on Blissfield. Mick Raich started Vachette 6 years ago out of his home in Palmyra, MI. As the company grew, Mick envisioned having an office in Blissfield to help give back to community. Today,Vachette is a national company working with over 450 physicians as their practice manager and is known as the experts in our field. Vachette purchased 111 Giles in July 2007; we moved in four months later on November 2 and have been very happy with our new home. To help show our love and support for Blissfield, in 2007, we gave away 300 – ¼ lb Hershey bars to the trick-or-treaters for Halloween. This year to show our support for the great town of Blissfield, we plan on giving away 500 – ¼ lb Hershey bars and 500 cans of Mountain Dew to the trick-or-treaters of Blissfield. Happy Halloween from Vachette Business...

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Honor Flight of Northwest Ohio

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Vachette Pathology is pleased to announce our very own Richard Vogel has been selected by Honor Flight of Northwest Ohio as a volunteer for their 3rd flight of their inaugural season on August 20, 2008. Richard is an U.S. Army, Aviation Veteran, serving from 1984-1987 in Europe. With his 15 yrs experience in Hospital/Healthcare, of which 3 yrs of this was direct patient care, Richard has welcomed experience in ambulating patients to and from wheel chairs and assisting with walkers using proper body techniques to avoid injuries to self and others. We here at Vachette Pathology are proud of Richard and his choice to help our WWII veterans fly to Washington, D.C. and tour the memorials constructed in honor of their service to our country. We asked that you join us in thanking Richard by choosing a day to volunteer for any organization of your choice and help give back to your...

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New Value through The Coding Network

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Vachette Pathology is offering New Value through The Coding Network Effective Immediately; Vachette Pathology has formed a working agreement with Neal Green and The Coding Network (TCN). Through this agreement Vachette Pathology can use TCN’s expertise to perform a government-style audit of your coding process using all available screens and regulations to help boost your income through more accurate coding of patient services. Vachette Pathology’s mission is to increase the income of you and your practice. One of the many ways we are able to achieve our mission is to seek out people who bring knowledge and experience of the pathology field to our team. By doing so we are able to assure your financial viability and will strive to continue to do so. Mr. Green and TCN has specialized skills that Vachette believes can be strategically used to secure your practices future. Vachette is proud to introduce our working agreement with The Coding Network to complement and expand the services offered through Vachette Pathology. If you have any questions or for further information, please contact Mick...

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Pathology Practice Management Issues for 2008

Posted by on Jan 13, 2008 in Latest News | Comments Off on Pathology Practice Management Issues for 2008

What are the challenges facing pathology practices in 2008? How will your group respond and what will be the outcome? Below are several major issues that need to be reviewed. Insurance: The most important insurance question is how your practice will respond to decreasing insurance payments. Many insurance plans are trying to force the contract language they have with national labs onto smaller hospital based groups and regional independent labs. For example, insurance plans that previously paid 200% of Medicare are now paying only 25% to 50% of Medicare. This can be devastating for a practice. In addition, many managed care contracts are built on current Medicare rates, and if/when Medicare lowers their rates, groups will lose even more money with these contracts. Usually practices do not recognize these changes until a large amount of money has been lost. It takes detailed reporting and extreme diligence to find the problem early. Once discovered, the group must start the process of reversing the trend and creating leverage for a more profitable relationship. Outreach Work: There is a continuing trend nationwide of hospital based practices losing work to specialty practices, such as urology and gastrointestinal groups. The latest OIG (Office of Inspector General) ruling has basically stopped the practice of marking up these services in a pod lab arrangement, but the ruling has not stopped the practice of sending work to these specialists, and many of these specialists may continue to pursue pathology work as a revenue stream until the last possible moment. Your practice will need to be vigilant to keep these referring physicians happy with you. In addition, hospitals and health systems may sell their outreach work to national or regional labs. If you lose this work, you will need a strategy to replace the lost revenue. Independent Labs: Many independent labs will struggle in 2008. The reduced fee schedules of national labs will filter down to the smaller independent labs, who will need to differentiate themselves from the national labs. The strategies here will be complex and may include some joint venture arrangements. Some regional independent labs have service contracts with the large national labs. Many national labs use regional independent labs and some hospital based practices to provide coverage for specimen volume. These contracts can be very punitive if the practices are not correctly informed. The key will be for the group to know and understand their internal pricing models. If they accept a contract without the correct due diligence, the result can be a slippery slope. Hospital Work: Significant changes are likely to take place in the hospital environment. The national labs are seeing their payments for non-hospital based pathology slip below 60% of Medicare. Once they figure out that hospital based work is more profitable, I believe they will pursue more hospital contracts. Simply put, why do the work at 65% of Medicare when you can get 140% of Medicare. The national labs see pathology as a commodity that can be bid out at the best margin. How can you prevent this from happening to your practice? Billing: Major changes taking place in the billing world also. Numerous pathology billing firms have been bought or sold in the last year, leaving some pathology practices with revenue issues that need resolution. In my opinion, there will likely be additional buyouts soon. Many practices are just now seeing the results of these changes, with increased receivables, increased billing costs and reduced services. Medicare Changes: Pathology is rumored to be taking a large cut in the 2008 fee schedule. If this happens, expect all your managed care plans...

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