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How offshore billing services will impact your practice’s bottom line

During the past five years, we have seen many billing companies lower their cost for services. When this trend is examined, it becomes apparent that the lower cost is available because these billing services are offshoring their services. But how is this trend affecting providers whose still utilize onshore billing services?

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Vachette Pathology President Mick Raich featured in Part B News!

Trying to decide if an underperforming insurance plan is doing your practice more harm than good? Check out the April 18 issue of Part B News for input from Mick Raich, President of Vachette Pathology & Stark Medical Auditing and Consulting, and other experts who offer up five ways to help determine the overall worth of a plan before cutting ties with it.

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A quality conundrum: How changing CMS reimbursement rates affect patient care

As CMS continues to adjust its compensation rates in an effort to reward quality care provided at a low cost, the effect this effort has had on patients is coming into focus through a recent study. Jake Vugrinac, Vachette’s resident numbers guy and nerd, is here to break down the results for you.

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