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A quality conundrum: How changing CMS reimbursement rates affect patient care

As CMS continues to adjust its compensation rates in an effort to reward quality care provided at a low cost, the effect this effort has had on patients is coming into focus through a recent study. Jake Vugrinac, Vachette’s resident numbers guy and nerd, is here to break down the results for you.

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Case studies: Delayed Medicaid payments, unassigned codes and more

In out latest round of case studies, we see a behavioral health provider in Iowa who was experiencing a payment gap due to the delayed start of a new managed Medicaid product, a pathology group that potentially lost $758,000 in a year due to a glitch in their biller’s system, and more!

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Practices still struggling to get payments from failing insurance co-ops

Recently, it was noted that many of the non-profit health insurance co-ops developed under Obamacare have failed to the tune of $1.2 billion. Unsurprisingly, many of our groups are owed substantial amounts of money from failed non-profit insurance co-ops. But, if the providers didn’t get the money, where did it go?

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