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Theranos: The Company that Transparency Forgot

You won’t find Theranos in the dictionary. And you won’t find it in a textbook on mythology next to Dionysus and Zeus. Where you will find it is on the front page of Forbes and Newsweek. Theranos is actually not a word at all. It’s a company that threatens to turn Pathology as we know it on its head, and one that’s doing it in complete secrecy.

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Summary of 2015 Physician Value-based Payment Modifier Policies

Below is Medicare’s explanation of their VBPM policies … It’s ridiculously complicated. Don’t end up in a panic when it’s too late, hemorrhaging Benjamins, or at the wrong end of a contract with a payer.

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A Biller Who Goes to Bat in Payment Battles

Often we see payment issues being swept aside by billers, but recently we had to the opportunity work with a really strong biller who fought long and hard against an insurer to make sure our mutual client got paid.

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