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Webinar: Essentials for 2015 in Coding, Billing and Collections

Are you prepared for the onslaught of coding, billing, and collection changes coming in 2015 relative to how labs bill Medicare and private health insurers? Every lab that wants to do better at filing clean claims and getting faster payment must be prepared for these changes. The good news: There’s still time to gear up for these changes! Get quickly up to speed by taking advantage of this timely webinar.

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Excelling at Productivity and Process Improvement

Vachette and Stark are committed to excellence, and part of that means education and continuous process improvement. Recently we sent some of our team to Effective Personal Productivity training. This entailed goal setting and time management. We received this testimonial from the leader …

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Medical Mutual of Ohio Denials on IHC

Once again we find another carrier creating a policy reflective of the Local Coverage Determination (LCD) that was published recently by WPS Medicare. Medical Mutual of Ohio (MMO) had tied the 88342 code to Lynch Syndrome tumor testing, thus requiring a prior authorization for any 88342 that comes through their door for processing.

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