Industry CV

Industry Curriculum Vitae



  • G2 PathForward Symposium: Developing a Business Plan for the Next Five Years
  • College of American Pathologists: The Business of Pathology
  • Pathology Management Assembly: Pathology Marketing
  • American Pathology Foundation: Managed Care Contracting
  • American Pathology Foundation: Pathology Productivity
  • American Osteopathic Association Pathology Assembly: The Business of Pathology
  • American Pathology Foundation: Market Analysis
  • Indiana Association of Pathologists: Strategies to Boost Revenue for Pathologists
  • Minnesota Society of Pathologists: Billing Issues for Pathology
  • The Dark Report: Trends in Managed Care Contracting
  • The Dark Report: War College Issues in Pathology
  • North Carolina Society of Pathology: Pathology Revenue; Trends and Solutions
  • West Virginia Association of  Pathologists: Changes in the Business of Pathology 2009

Articles and Interviews