Industry CV

Industry Curriculum Vitae


College of American Pathologists: The Business of Pathology

Pathology Management Assembly: Pathology Marketing

American Pathology Foundation: Managed Care Contracting

American Pathology Foundation: Pathology Productivity

American Osteopathic Association Pathology Assembly: The Business of Pathology

American Pathology Foundation: Market Analysis

Indiana Association of Pathologists: Strategies to Boost Revenue for Pathologists

Minnesota Society of Pathologists: Billing Issues for Pathology

The Dark Report: Trends in Managed Care Contracting

The Dark Report: War College Issues in Pathology

North Carolina Society of Pathology: Pathology Revenue; Trends and Solutions

West Virginia Association of  Pathologists: Changes in the Business of Pathology 2009

Articles and Interviews

CAP Today: Considerations for Purchasing a Billing System verses Using a Third Party Billing Service

Pathology Outlines: Managed Care Payment Shopping

Laboratory Industry Reporter: Accounts Receivable Management

Laboratory Industry Reporter: Hospital Laboratory Networks

Washington G2 Teleconference: Difficulties in Managed Care

Modern Health Care: Editorial on Access to Health Care

The Dark Report: Difficulties in Hospital Laboratory Networks

The Dark Report: Pod or Condo Laboratories and Their Impact on Pathology

Washington G2 Teleconference: How to Audit Your Billing Company

Pathology and Coding Alert: Auditing Your Pathology Billing

Wall Street Journal: Client Billing

Pathology Outlines: Strategies for Growing the Independent Pathology Practice

Laboratory Economics: Anatomy of a Managed Care Re-Negotiation

Pathology Outlines: Pricing for Pathology Billing (Three Part Series)

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3

Advance for Medical Laboratory Professionals: Powering Pathology with Digitization

Pathology Outlines: A Case Study in Managed Care

Michigan Society of Pathology: Problems with BCBS in Michigan

Washington G2: What Does the UHC/Labcorp Deal Mean to Pathologists?

Laboratory Economics: Pathology Fees Under Pressure

CAP Today: Managed Care Issues Effecting Pathology Practices

Pathology Outlines: Pathology Practice Management Issues in 2008

Laboratory Economics: Illinois Medicaid Slashes Lab Rates by 25%

Healthcare Billing and Management Association: The Tangled Web of Claim Payments

APF Review: The Death of Simplicity or How Managed Care Contracts Killed Your Revenue

ADVANCE for Medical Laboratory Professionals website: The New Year Offerings

NYSSPath Quarterly Report Newsletter: The New Year Offerings

ADVANCE for Medical Laboratory Professionals: Hospital Outreach Lab 4-Sale

ADVANCE for Medical Laboratory Professionals: Billing Contracts Versus Managed Care Contracts

Laboratory Economics: Anthem BCBS of Wisconsin Cuts Pathology Fees by 12%

ADVANCE for Administrators of the Laboratory: Anti-markup Rules Update

CAP Today: Gaining An Edge In Contract Talks With Hospitals


American Pathology Foundation

Pathology Management Assembly

America College of Healthcare Executives

CAP Foundation


Association of Healthcare Internal Auditors

American Association of Medical Audit Specialists