Preferred Vendors

The following vendors are the preferred vendors of Vachette Pathology, most of which we have a long standing relationship with and share our commitment to deliver the highest quality results. Feel free to contact them directly.

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Revenue Cycle Management

LOGO-tevixMD-ForWeb-600pxThe tevixMD® Technology Platform helps providers in every healthcare sector drive revenue and cash flow, prevent claim denials and improve the provider/patient relationship.  tevixMD® gives providers everything they need to know how much to collect, from whom and when, then collect it fast. The tevixMD® Platform consists of…

  • tevixPAS™, which uses the most accurate data available to provide real-time patient identity, address and benefits validation, as well as up-to-the-minute deductible, co-pay and out-of-pocket status using only a driver’s license or name/zipcode;
  • tevix realtimeBATCH™, which validates patient identity, address, benefits and deductibles in batches of any size, and includes HMO’s and Medicare Advantage Plan payers;
  • tevixPAY™, which is a flexible, automated patient payment solution that produces an immediate rise in cash flow, it eliminates chasing patient payments and reduces outstanding patient AR and labor costs.  Providers: collect at time of service or on the back-end in billing; collect while patients pay over time; and, realize an ROI with every transaction.
  • tevix TransferAgent™, which is a revolutionary one-click data transfer assistant that moves accurate, validated patient data into any healthcare information system.

Proven and well-accepted, clients are seeing a substantial reduction in outstanding patient payments, significant growth in cash collections, as well as impressive decreases in both claim rejections and in the need for claim re-submissions and collection efforts.


Novis Consulting

Novis Consulting and Associates provides strategic and tactical assistance to help clients build durable pathology practices.

For Pathology Practices

  • Research and develop new markets and service lines
  • Acquire specialty expertise
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Develop business and governance models
  • Develop strategic partnerships
  • Resolve work overload and maximize productivity

For Hospitals

  •       Align pathology services with hospital mission
  •       Help pathology services meet the needs of medical community
  •       Advise with Pathology contracts
  •       Perform mock inspections

For Private Labs

  •       Help plan and design startups
  •       Advise on CLIA Licensure and CAP certification
  •       Perform mock inspections
  •       Provide medical directorship

Pathologists, need to dig an anti-competitive moat around your practice? Having difficulty acquiring specialty expertise? Need to redistribute your workload? Can’t seem to come to terms with partners, hospital or customers? Need new sources of revenue? We can help.

For more information about Novis Consulting, call us at (603) 659-6931, e-mail us at, or visit us at

Mergers and Acquisitions

Advanced Strategic Partners

asp logo

Advanced Strategic Partners (ASP) is a specialized Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) firm dedicated to providing new revenue marketing programs, business valuation, and M&A transaction advisory services for the middle-market Laboratory Diagnostic Industry. Founded in 2007, ASP Executives provide laboratory industry expertise, market knowledge, and professional insight in maximizing your business valuation. ASP clients include hospital systems, public companies, and mid-sized Laboratories.


G2 Intelligence

45108_G2_IntelligenceG2 Intelligence is a division of Kennedy Information, LLC, and a well-known provider of professional market investigations. They provide trusted, topical analytical information that directly affects both medical service providers and laboratories involved in the diagnostic industry. For 30 years, their marketing trends, industry analysis, innovative technology, and legal developments have impacted the performance of many operational finances. G2 Intelligence values their clients and aims to exceed their expectations. Their mission is simple: Develop relationships with the people who influence and lead the diagnostic industry that are mutually beneficial. For more information on G2 Intelligence, visit them online at or e-mail them at


Pathology Outlines


PathologyOutlines is a free online database that features a regularly updated textbook on clinical and surgical pathology. In 15 seconds or less, we provide the best information for practicing pathologists and laboratory personnel. In addition, we offer a plethora of job listings, conferences, books, and fellowship opportunities. Our goal is to anticipate and exceed your expectations in order to build relationships with our visitors. If you ever find yourself in need of some assistance, we offer both online and offline consultations. This website is founded and managed by Nat Pernick, M.D., an AC/PC board certified pathologist since 2001. If you have any suggestions or comments for Nat, you may contact him by phone: (248)646-0325 or email:


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